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Welcome to "Neon Black Studio", this web site serves as a personal gallery and portfoilo to the Artist/Illustrator Colleen Prinssen. There are many fun places to explore here, from a wide varity of art ranging in styles, mediums and topics, to cuddly misfit stuffed animals and fossilised faries you can own. As well as expermental fantasy writing, character creation and mascot desing and zany editorals about life on the internet. But! You will not find hang-outs for little girls, forums to breed stupidty and Oekaki bords filled with 8th rate anime kitties.

All orginal content is property to Colleen Prinssen, unless stated otherwise (as in fanart) You may -not- copy, trace, alter or redistribute works seen on this site, this also may include diritive works. This website is not a free clip art or stock photo website!Ideas expressed here have nothing to do with the hoast, LunarPages.